Passion on Strings

Combine that with Hannah's stunning tone and impeccable cello-playing, and you have the ingredients for some very moving music. 
Sound file:   Acoustic Eidolon & Thomas Loefke in 7 minutes
youtube:   Calling of the Moor   Walking Stones   Billy Ray   Sunnan   Stairway
More information:    Acoustic Eidolon on youtube
CD: Friends Across the Ocean
Acoustic Eidolon's recordings are a rich blend of both artists' musical influences and have been described as pure musical poetry. The bell-like quality of Joe's unique double-neck guitjo provides a lovely counterpoint to Hannah's elegantly inspired cello. It is truly a different and enchanting sound. Their live shows are very entertaining and include a few vocal selections, as well as pieces that borrow from Celtic, contemporary, bluegrass and Latin influences.
On several tours Acoustic Eidolon have been joined by Thomas Loefke adding his Celtic harp to the magical sound of Acoustic Eidolon. On this year‘s tour the three musicians present their new trio album “Friends Across the Ocean“ - a collection of Celtic inspired compositions by Joe, Thomas or Hannah plus some traditional tunes from Ireland and Scotland.
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North Atlantic Bridge, the videos:
Drowsy Maggie
Svabo‘s Minuet No 30
Norland Rails
Calling of the Moor

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Hannah Alkire  vocals, cello
Joe Scott vocals, double neck guitjo, guitar Thomas Loefke  Celtic harp

Joe Scott and Hannah Alkire have combined their musical talents to create an exciting new acoustic instrumental sound. Joe plays an instrument he invented: the double-neck guitjo, a custom acoustic guitar with two necks, built exclusively for him. This one-of-a-kind instrument has incredible range and tonal qualities, sounding at times like a piano, dulcimer or beautiful harp.

From the Vancouver Island Music Fest to the Kerrville Folk Festival, from the Kennedy Center in D.C. to St. Paul's Cathedral in London and the Spandau Theatre in Berlin, Germany, people have been praising the sound of Acoustic Eidolon.